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Gala Honorees

KCC Virtual Gala on June 24, 2021

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KCC Virtual Gala Honoree Iris Clarke


Iris Clarke



Ms. Iris Clarke ’98, KCC Retail Merchandising Major

Iris started working in a corset lingerie store since she was a teenager, fitting bras and girdles. She then moved on to Bloomingdales in the 1980's and worked along with buyers. During her ninth years, at Bloomingdales, a company called Wacoal entered the scene, as well as LaPerla, Lejabyand Rigby & Peller and more. Her next stop was at LeMystere in which she worked and designed LeMystere bras for 9 years. One of the bras happened to be a big showcase on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

She took a big leap and made the heartfelt decision to open her own shop, with all of her experience of working and interacting with numerous companies, and putting her KCC AAS Degree to good use. Iris made it her life's mission to give women of all shapes and sizes a proper fitting bra. For it all "Starts with the Right Foundation!"

From then on Iris got sincere gratification from customers saying that she changed their lives. She has seen customers come in

and feel an overwhelming magnitude of joy when their cry tears of happiness after seeing the changes that a bra can do on their bodies. “It makes me know that I have done what I've set out to do and we can fit all women of all sizes. I love every minute of it! “

To learn more about Iris Lingerie visit

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