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Tip and Strategies for Academic Success

Tips for Avoiding Probation

  • Complete all the classes in which you enroll. If you’re struggling, talk with your instructor, academic advisor, or a member of the Academic Success Support Team.

  • Attend and be actively engaged in all of your classes by logging in to Blackboard or other platform being used to communicate with your instructor and/or submit assignments.

  • Remember to withdraw from your classes to avoid getting an undesirable grade by the last day of class.

  • Plan your schedule so you can balance responsibilities at school, work and home. Remember that 12 units is considered a full-time course load.

  • Allow sufficient time for homework, studying and completion of assignments. This typically means two to three hours per week, per class.

  • Schedule an appointment with a tutor through the Kingsborough Learning Center (KLC). KLC offers individual, group and online via in a variety of subjects, along with other assistance. 

Participate in other kinds of support.

The Academic Success Support Team offers Student Success workshops that can help reinforce necessary skills for academic progress. Click here to view a list of offered workshops during Fall 2021.

Strategies for Academic Recovery

  • Clean up your transcript by appealing grades from a previous semester if extenuating circumstances caused your probation.

  • Work with your academic advisor or special program counselor to create an Academic Plan to ensure you take appropriate courses.

  • Take fewer credits each semester and module.

  • Practice effective learning strategies/study skills.

  • Use student resources that can help steer you on a path toward good academic standing.

  • If you are academically struggling, speak with your advisor, professor(s) or withdraw from classes by the last day of the class.

  • Attend an academic success workshop offered by the Academic Success Support Team that helps to reinforce skills for academic success.

Positive Affirmations

College can be an overwhelming experience at times, but we believe you can achieve your goals! To avoid burnout, you can implement the practice of self-affirmation. Positive affirmations can give you confidence to overcome obstacles while in college, help you achieve academic and personal goals of graduation, and help believe in yourself again.

Here are a few positive affirmations that may help provide the motivation you need to push forward as you work to restore your academic standing:

  1. I Can Do This

  2. I Am Capable of Being A Great Student

  3. My Ability to Learn Is Improving Everyday

  4. It Is Okay to Ask for Help

  5. If I Fall, I Will Get Right Back Up

  6. I Am Courageous

  7. Everything Is Possible

  8. I Am Not One Who Gives Up

  9. I Can Find A Solution to Any of My Problems

  10. I Can Create Change