For Student Organization Officers

Leading an RSO is a big responsibility. The resources below are to help you through the day-to-day tasks involved in leading your RSO. Whenever you need help, Student Life staff are always here to help you out. Feel free to drop us a line, or contact us at or Instagram: @kccstudentlife!

All of our most frequently-used RSO forms are now available online! Click here or go to Clubs & Organizations > RSO Forms to download them.

You can access the 2022-2023 Student Organization Manual at any time by clicking here!

Please note the following important events for Fall 2022:

Involvement Fair Days: Wednesday, September 28 in-person and  Thursday, September 29 virtually

All RSOs should plan to have 1-2 members present, or prepare informational packets, video or PowerPoint, to promote your organization at this semester's Involvement Fair. This is the perfect opportunity to recruit new members for your group, and to fill any remaining officer vacancies.

Nuts & Bolts Training Conference: Friday, October 7

All RSO officers are required to come to our Fall Virtual Nuts & Bolts to cover all the basics on how to effectively lead your RSO!

Student Organization Registration & New Student Organization Deadline: Friday, November 4

Check out the Student Organization Manual for detailed information about KCC RSO policies and procedures. Answers to our most frequent questions are available below:

Student organizations registering for the 2022-2023 academic year must submit an original  Registration form and  Revised Budget form. Students wanting to start a new student organization must submit a completed Petition to Form a New Student Organization for the Student Activities Committee to review.

Budget Training: Training must be completed by Friday, November 4

All Presidents and Treasurers must complete the budget training by the KCC Association to access their budget. Budget training will be available at Nuts & Bolts. To request an individual budget training, please contact Student Life Assistant Director Raquel Torres at

How do we plan an event?

Event planning starts at your meetings. Someone brings an idea and the group decides whether to move forward with it or not. If the group does want to move forward, then begin discussing WHEN and WHERE to host the event, WHO you want/expect to attend, WHAT the event will be, and WHY you're having the event. Once you've answered those questions, choose a platform of in-person, hybrid, or virtual (Student Life can offer Zoom services for events). For in-person, submit a Room Request. All other events, submit any forms required for your event: Purchase Requisition, Food Order Form, Performance Agreement, Request to Travel, Request to Fundraise, etc. and advertise your event on social media!

How do we reserve space?

Use the “Reserve a Room” to submit a room request at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. Be sure to include multiple spaces and dates in case the desired location is unavailable. Student Life will confirm with Events Managements if the space is approved. Once the space is approved, submit a Meeting Arrangement for a week prior to the event.

How do we order food?

To order food from Panda House, use the “Food Order Form for Student Organizations” in the RSO Forms section and submit it at least 2 weeks before the event. To purchase food from outside the campus, the food vendor must be registered with CUNYFirst first before ordering from them. All food orders, both Panda House and external vendors, that are over $250 must be submitted through a Purchase Requisition.

How do we order supplies/decorations/giveaways/etc.?

Complete purchasing procedures are covered with RSO presidents and treasurers during budget training. Remember that ordering directly through KCC is best, whenever possible. Reimbursements for expenses are limited to $100 for students, and we CANNOT reimburse for any purchases made online. Review your budget training information and visit or email us with any questions.

Can we go on a trip?

Yes, student officers will need to complete the Request to Travel packet and Travel waiver forms 2 weeks in advance from the trip.