Dean’s List Scholarship

The Dean’s List Scholarship Award is available to a select number of Dean’s List students as a way to further honor their achievement and encourage them to continue to pursue academic excellence. Students who have been on the Dean's List for their first two semesters and enroll full-time for a third semester are eligible for the Dean's List Scholarship. 

Transfer students and students who receive the WAVE scholarship are not eligible.

Students do not need to apply to be considered for the award. If eligible, they will be automatically contacted.

These students enrolled as full-time matriculated incoming freshmen in Fall 2019; earned Dean’s List status for that semester and the following semester Spring 2020; and re-enrolled full-time for a third semester Fall 2020. Since there are a limited number of scholarship awards available, awardees listed below were selected from among those with the highest-grade point averages. 

Tiffany Weintraub

Michael Nuccio

Xhile Selami

Rafael Corro

Runcheng Mei

Chijie Chen

Daniil Diulger

Vanessa Wyatt

Nancy Wang

Juan Aranda 

Sarah Weinberger

Nawshin Mostafa

Anastasiia Belovolova

Alina Beznos

Danna Rodriguez-Cuapio

Annesha Shambo

Nodirshoh Nosirjonov

Sarah Adams

Marwah Nur

Nicole Prorwitsch

Artemio Kowalski

Sandra Erostico

Vivianna Sferruzzo

Nastasia Gorea

Tasfiha Saba

Davis Genao

Lev Gilinskiy

Andy Zhang

Zara Zeidman

Aichang Cai

Tammysue Dyer

Fariza Djalilova

Lasha Kveladze

Charity Danso

Azalfa Ahmad

Yamila Cortes Rodriguez