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KCC Students Stealing from MTA?

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KCC Students Stealing from MTA?
By Mashido Eghaghe

In the past decade, the MTA has increased the transportation fare from $1.00 to $2.25 and have canceled one day fun passes, unlimited weekly and monthly metro cards. The agency is doing this to bridge the sizable deficit its facing. Commuters that depend on the MTA are feeling the heat, but some understand why the changes are necessary. The MTA deficit could be attributed to some commuters who indulge in riding the buses for free.

These commuters prefer to use the back door of the MTA buses to avoid paying the fare like everyone else. Is there any rationale behind the reason why these individuals use the back doors of the MTA buses?

We have unlimited metro cards. We already paid with our money for it, said Jovanie, a liberal arts student.

MTA bus drivers are not able to distinguish those people with unlimited metro cards from those who have no metro card.

Having an unlimited metro card, or not, a KCC student thinks it is not a fair practice. I think is disrespectful. I never did it in my life; it is not right, said Borris, from the exercise science department.

It would be a fair practice for everyone to use the front door of the bus.

Another student, Keyshe states, It is annoying. Sometimes, I wait in the cold for about an hour for the bus. When the bus finally arrives, people rush through the back door.

For someone to have been in the cold waiting for the bus and not having a chance to get a seat is barbaric. A B-49 bus driver who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to give an interview, states, Kids doing it, I can understand, but when grown-ups are doing it, that needs to stop. He believes some students use the back door, because they have no money on them.

Another MTA bus driver states, Some people do it, because they want to get to where they are going and there are several people using the front door. So if the MTA were to put more buses on the street, and assuming they arrive on schedule, this practice may be reduced.

Whatever reason the commuters may have for using the back door of the MTA buses, the MTA rules of conduct in section 1050.4 state, No person shall use or enter upon the facilities or conveyances of the Authority, for any purpose, without the payment of the fare or tender of other valid fare media used in accordance with any conditions and restrictions imposed by the Authority.

In an interview via telephone with a transit policeman, he said, It is illegal and it's subject to a fine of up to $100, when caught.