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Student Government Strut Their Stuff

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Student Government Strut Their Stuff
By Claudia Kassab

This spring, the KCC Student Government hosted an open house event to spread awareness on campus and recruit students interested in becoming actively involved in student activities. With a table situated in the Breezeway, the Student Government provided detailed information about the club as well as distributed Student Government pins. Along the way to the cafeteria, it was hard to pass by without recognizing the rest of the tables each representing a different council.

Student Government

The Student Government consists of five councils: Business, Public Health, Math and Science, Liberal Arts, Part-time and Evening. Each with their own budget and plans for the spring semester, every council provides support to students with educational and sociable events each pertaining to their own domain.

From the second floor clusters, you could hear the music coming from the Public Health council room; it was a party in there. Each council room held their own informational with food and music.

The Evening and Part-time councils are led by President Steven A. Rodriquez. This council works for the benefit of all part-time and evening students. Located in room F-201, Rodriquez portrayed his passion saying it's important to remember the students who aren t able to be at school full time or during the day. They have a say when it comes to events on campus.

The Math and Science council serves the students of the sciences with Dennis Hamichand as vice president. A trip to the Bodies Exhibit is an event the council is working on. The council is also planning to set up new lab utility areas to help lab students. If one was to ever forget to bring goggles or a calculator to class, you would be sure to find a spare at the Math and Science council room.

The Business Council was successful in making themselves known for they were marketing themselves with utmost effort with Jonathan Colon as president of the council. Passionate in their stock efforts, an event they are working on is a movie series featuring business related flicks, a Business game show, and a Business seminar with a special guest speaker from Goldman Sacs. They are currently looking for someone to fill in their secretary position.

All of the councils are involved in providing tickets to the Spiderman play on Broadway and Lion King, the Spring Fling, a trip to Six Flags and Mic Night.

The KCC peer advisor program is another project by the Office of Student Life advertised by the Student Government. Some of the responsibilities include giving direction and assistance to new students and their families, speaking to new students during orientation and assisting the faculty and administration at Awards Night and Graduation.

Crowds of students filled the clusters and council rooms full of curious students portrayed that the open house was a definite success. A diverse and ambitious pack, the student government is highly dedicated to helping students and working together. It is interesting to see different groups work as one; students united will never be defeated.