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Welcome Back Party Failure

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Welcome Back Party Failure
By Marlene Gomez

With Glow sticks being handed out, it's easy to assume it must have been one heck of a welcoming party. However, the lack of dancing and energy proved it to be anything but. Students attended KCC's Welcome Back Party, but the vibe was lacking. This was the second Campus Activities Board (CAB) event of the year. Compared to last month's Valentine Party at KCC it did not rise to par. Some who might have been attending a KCC party for the first time might have been disappointed.

One student was let down and expecting more out of the party, it being her first time attending one at KCC.

My experience was less than detestable. The security was overly heavy handed. I can understand checking bags, but I can t understand slamming down my valuables on the table, in addition to having my wallet thoroughly checked. There were glow sticks and water bottles, but there was not one chip, pretzel, or piece of candy in site. I decided to leave being that the music was not danceable. I knew it wasn t just me since the bouts of booing confirmed my opinion, said KCC student Crisanthy Carvouniaris.

Another student who attended KCC's Valentine Party also didn t think the Welcome Back party matched the fun and hype of the Valentine Party.

I came to the party to kill time and enjoy myself. It was a little quieter compared to the Valentine Party, said KCC student Joy Weiner.
It left those who have been to previous KCC parties to wonder what went wrong. Based on remarks from students issues such as seating and lack of food were factors. The sound and bad choice in music mixes were to blame as well.

The DJ who was originally supposed to be here couldn t make it and as a replacement sent in someone he knew, said Maria Patestas of Student Life.

Apparently, he wasn t good enough. The bass sound was way too low to get students pumped up. Even after one hour and the lights being turned off, the party still wasn t exciting and no dancing was going on. Students were standing around chatting with each other and some even left.

However, one student had a positive view on the party regardless.

I came here to have a good time with my friends. It's also a stress reliever. said KCC student Negesti Roberts.

KCC has a reputation for having consistently great parties. Hey, every college is entitled to have one bad party right? There is no doubt the students forgive Student Life and there will be better parties to come. KCC parties are worth going to, but this one's failure.