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KingsBrew Tales

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KingsBrew Tales
by Ryan Muir

The MAC building, well known for its scenic view of the bay, the clamorous halls full of artwork and beautiful sunshine on a good day, is also notorious for its one-stop Kingsbrew Starbucks Coffee. It's a popular spot for students and faculty alike.

Although the seating area isn t too small, Kingsbrew is so popular with students and faculty alike, that one is often lucky to find an open table. Besides its excellent customer service from barista Beatrice Geste, and its delicious hot coffee, what makes this small caf great?

How do you like the Kingsbrew coffee? Do you find it tasty, affordable, convenient?

Ms. Geste, Kingsbrew employee and former KCC Accounting Major:
[Laughing], one of the most ordered coffees here is the Carmel Latte medium sized. It's $3.50. We love our clients. I see plenty of the same faces all the time. Students and teachers, both love our coffees and snacks. This is not Starbucks coffee, it's better. [Smiling] It's Kingsbrew and we are the only ones in the school who has the best coffee. I m pretty proud of that.

Marie Padovano, wife of Professor Anthony Padovano:
The coffee is great, best coffee in the world. Service is great, great staff, decently priced. It has an excellent staff, and completely convenient. My husband a professor here- is having the usual, a cappuccino.

Alexandra Kovalchov, Criminal Justice Major:
I m not the greatest fan of the coffee, but I have my classes in here so it's easy to stop by when I m hungry. It is definitely of convenience. The people that work there are good, nice people, but it is a bit overpriced.

Silvana P., Criminal Justice Major:
I love the Starbucks latte [laughing]. It's expensive yes, but whenever I need it, I just have to buy it. It helps me concentrate and get through the day. I need the caffeine; it's pretty good it is here. It is also much more enjoyable when there's no one on campus and it is quiet here.

Dr. Frank Percaccio, Head of the Journalism Department:
Look at those ladies over there, they offer the best coffee and service in this school. The coffee is a bit overpriced, however, it's still decent. The ladies are extremely nice and charming, and the coffee is simply amazing.