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#KCCSPIRIT 2021 Teams

To register,click on the team name.

KCC Spirit Team “Academically Minded”

Academic Affairs

Team Captains: Janine Palludan & Robert Schacter

KCC Spirit

Team “CEWD Warriors”

Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Team Captain: Maria Mejias

KCC Spirit

Team “Chefs, Captains and Concierges”

Tourism & Hospitality

Team Captain: Lisa DeLange

KCC Spirit

Team “Crime Stoppers”

Public Safety

Team Captain: Donna Cafiero

KCC Spirit

Team “Dollars for Scholars”

College Advancement

Team Captains: Patricia DeNicola 

KCC Spirit

Team “Doing the Best We Can”

Student Affairs

Team Captain: Helen-Margaret Nasser

KCC Spirit

Team “EnrollmentRollers”

Enrollment Management

Team Captain: Lisa Klugewicz

KCC Spirit

Team “Finance Wizards”

Finance and Administration

Team Captain: Julie Barnett

KCC Spirit

Team "Alumni All-Stars"

Alumni Relations

Team Captain: Laura Glazier-Smith

KCC Spirit

Team “Nursing Lifesavers”

Nursing Department

Team Captains: Christine Vaz; Erin Smith & Catherine Mooney

KCC Spirit

Team “President's Office Posse – POP”

President’s Office

Team Captain: Sasha Duncan

KCC Spirit

Team “Social Psycho Paths”

Team Captain: Cynthia Olvina

KCC Spirit

Team “WhASAP”


Team Captain: Trevaughn Hall

KCC Spirit

Team “Wonder Walkers”

My Turn

Team Captains: Arline Pollinger, Frances Koren & Trenisse Sutton

KCC Spirit

Team “Pay Checkers” 

Human Resources

Team Captain: Mickie Driscoll


KCC Spirit

Team “KCC Senior Leaders” 






For additional information or question please contact Aba Agolli at (718) 368-5433 or at