Catch the KCC SPIRIT

Tuesday, November 29

#KCCSPIRIT is a longstanding tradition of annual giving that coincides with #GIVINGTUESDAY, an international day of charitable giving that is held every year the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Kingsborough staff, faculty, board members, alumni, retirees and friends get together to raise funds for the Annual Fund that helps bridge the gap between current year needs and funding received from state assistance, tuition or fees.

Kingsborough Students work hard and dream big as they boldly adapt in a society emerging from a global pandemic, a hybrid learning environment, a reshaped labor market, supply shortages and a tumultuous economy. Our college’s promise of access, excellence and opportunity is sustained not only by our dedicated faculty and staff, but also by the generosity of supporters like YOU.

As first generation college-goers, nontraditional students, single-parents, immigrants, caregivers, non-native English speakers, and jugglers of multiple jobs, our students face many daunting obstacles. Yet, while being some of the most challenged students, they are tremendously motivated, passionate and determined to achieve their dream: education!  With your investment, our students’ dreams become a reality.

Join the amazing KCC faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, Board of Directors and friends that have come together in teams to raise vital funds to enable vulnerable students to break barriers and provide support with the most pressing needs through scholarships, emergency aid, transportation, textbook, food and more.

Make your donation today and help a KCC student's dreams launch into infinite possibilities!

Catch the KCC SPIRIT


Ways to be involved:

  • Join a #KCCSPIRIT team!
  • Make a donation
  • Donate a newly purchased prize accompanied by a receipt to be used in the drawing. The generated revenue sales will be calculated towards your team's total.
  • Enter HERE to win a drawing item until Tuesday, November 29 at 10 am.
  • Join in on the #KCCSPIRIT team activity competition on Tuesday, November 29 from 12 noon-2 pm in the Gym
  • Share KCCSPIRIT on your Social Media and ask others to support your team