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KCC FLEX Coaches

Our KCC FLEX Coaches

KCC FLEX coaches will help guide and support you – from application to graduation.

Your enrollment coach will help you map out a clear educational plan. She will also help you make your way through the admissions process, and work together with your academic coach and financial aid to prepare you to be a successful KCC FLEX student. Once you start your first class, your enrollment coach will ensure a smooth transition to your academic coaches. 

Your academic success coaches will be your main points of contact as you complete your program. They can help you:

    • Develop a plan that matches your career goals
    • Connect you to college resources for support
    • Create strategies to keep you on track to graduate

Your Math coach will work with you to create a plan for meeting the CUNY Math requirement and provide you with support along the way.  No matter how you feel about Math or your Math ability, he will remind you that you can do it.

"From my personal experience, I can say that distance learning is very rewarding. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to learn and study at your own pace while working and taking care of your loved ones. From the application process to transferring out once you’ve completed your degree, I will assist in making your enrollment process smooth and swift."
Olympia Gibson, Enrollment Coach


My main responsibilities include providing you with information about the transfer-out admission process and ensuring a seamless transition to the School of Professional Studies (SPS), Senior CUNY Colleges, SUNY or Private Universities. As a CUNY Alum, my experience with taking online classes had enabled me to work full-time and partake in on-campus activities while maintaining a social life.
Javon John. Flex Transfer Coach

As your Flex transfer Coach, I will be your main point of contact as you prepare to transfer to a senior College/University.

I will:

  • Collaborate with the FLEX Success Coaches to assist you with defining and developing realistic academic and career goals.

  • Conduct proactive and individualized coaching pertaining to the exploration of transfer options and plans. 

  • Create a timeline for your progress toward completion of educational goals, provide guidance on the transfer process and serve as the liaison to the School of Professional Studies (SPS).

FLEX Forward/Transferring to SPS
Undergraduate Majors:

Credit for Prior Learning

"My main responsibility is advising students. I’ll help you stay on track to completing your degree in a timely manner. ​Working primarily with adult learners is a rewarding experience because I know I'm helping you accomplish a big milestone in your life."
Tanzania Browne, Academic Success Coach

"Many students have a “math phobia.” But my 20 years of experience teaching math and physics has shown me that any student is capable of acquiring the math skills needed to earn a college degree. I look forward to working with you."
Felix Yusupov, Math Coach