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Last updated June 12, 2020  4:00 pm

Distance Learning





From: President
Sent: Tuesday, March 24
Subject: Campus Update: Reminders,  Credit/No Credit Policy

Dear Campus Community,

I hope that you are doing well during this period of PAUSE and that you are doing your part to flatten the curve.  As a reminder: 

  • If you feel sick, or think that you may have been in contact with someone who is sick, or someone who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and contact your doctor and your immediate supervisor. You can also contact Dr. Sutton-Young (Tasheka.Sutton-Young@kbcc.cuny.edu) our Coronavirus Liaison.
  • If you have an underlying medical/health issue, let your supervisor and HR know  
  • Continue to exercise safety precautions (wash your hands; avoid touching your face; cover coughs and sneezes with tissue and dispose of tissue; and practice social distancing ); and  
  • If you are not required to come to campus, do not come.  ​ The majority of business processes are now operating remotely except for a few, like the Bursar's Office which will be open on specific days during pay weeks for employees to pick up their paychecks.  Please check the website for specific information. 

As a follow up to the Chancellor's recent email and as you know,  Kingsborough, Guttman and LaGuardia Colleges,  operate under a two-part, 18-week semester, rather than the more-common 15-week semester. As such, we  will not participate in the period of recalibration  as described by the Chancellor.  We will continue to engage in distance learning and observe, as planned, spring recess from April 8-16 and religious holidays during this time. 

Please be advised that the University is instituting a flexible credit/no credit policy.  Under this policy, students will have 20 days after they receive their grades to decide if they want to convert any or all of the letter grades they earn in their classes to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grades. This decision will be made in consultation with an academic advisor so students can thoroughly understand the impact of their decision (letter grade, CR or NC) on their financial aid and academic progress. Pending approval by the CUNY Board of Trustees, the policy will go into effect April 1, 2020 and applies to all CUNY institutions except the School of Law and the School of Medicine, which will implement their own policies. 

Colleagues, thank you again for your steadfast commitment to our students and the college during this turbulent time.  I have heard many stories of faculty and staff going above and beyond the call of duty to help each other and our students. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for others.

As always, I will continue to update you as new information becomes available. 

 With appreciation,


President Schrader