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CUNY Research Scholars Program – 2024 Cohort


Meet our Scholars and Mentors

Full Name


Project Title

Barrington Beckford

Jameelah Hegazy

Support Faculty Professional Needs: Improve Job Performance and Satisfaction

Giovanna Jara Cervigon

Jeremy Sawyer

The Influence of Social Media: Can Engaging with Political Social Media Content Spark Activist Intentions?

Helen Huang

Jameelah Hegazy

Support Faculty Professional Needs: Improve Job Performance and Satisfaction

James Ginsberg

Eric Rothenburg

COVID and Our Current College Students: The Mindset of our Students

Jazmin Ausley

Farshad Tamari

Quantification of Protein Content in Hydrangea macrophylla

Lesny Fontus

Dmitry Brogun

Characterizing Insertion Sites by PCR

Li Cao

Laura Spinu

Examining the Role of High-variability Phonetic Training in Second Language Acquisition

Lise Bensona Gay

Anupam Pradham

Is the Brooklyn, New York farmer’s market local produce safe from Enterococcus Indicator species like Salmonella and E. coli (STEC 0157)? A survey using microbiological techniques.

Marawon Elsayed (Mamdouh)

Kristin Polizzotto


Mariami Kochiashvili

Roberto Mariani

Importance and Efficacy of Nutraceuticals in Regulating Appetite and Satiety Signals for Weight Management

Mukhammad Kosimkhujaev

Anupam Pradham

Is maternal cigarette smoking connected to Neurodevelopmental Disorders in fetuses? An Analysis of Critical Genes Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Cord Blood Cells

Nawel Messaoudi

Roberto Mariani

Adapting Wheat Farming to Climate Change: A Comprehensive Review and Prospective Study on Sustainable Agricultural Practices.

Netanel Nemet

Jeremy Sawyer

Development of Self-Determination through Student Government Association Activism

Olga Shaidakova

Farshad Tamari

Bioinformatics Studies of the Niemann Pick Type C1 Intracellular Cholesterol Transporter 1 (NPC1)

Reign Nunez-Bailey

Evan Caccioppoli

A History of Queer American Theatre in Performance

Rui Ramsay

Charles Swift

C. Wright Mills Sociological Imagination and the 1973 Oil Embargo in Jamaica: An Exploration of Economic and Sociocultural Consequences

Shunny Parikh

Shawna Brandle

Where Are Human Rights in the US Congress?

Yi Zhang

Farshad Tamari

DNA Extraction in Hydrangea macrophylla using the Edwards Buffer Method: DNA Extraction of Small Tissue Quantities using Non-Volatile Reagents