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2020 Symposium Winners

2020 Summer Symposium

KCC Poster Winners

Rawan Hanini
First Language Attrition Across Three Different Generations

video 1

Natalie Mosseri
Teaching Stress to L1 Speakers of Tone Languages: A Gamified Approach  

Jonathan Pinkhasov
Developed a Successful Novel Protocol to Induce Spawning of American Eel for Meeting Market Demand as Well as Conservation

video 2

Victor Halabani, Asifa Ijaz, Jonathan Pinkhasov,
Gul Rukh, and Isra Saqib

Soil Nematode Group Project

KCC Featured Symposium Speaker

Emily Morrisey
Lunar Ecology: Plant Growth in Lunar and Aguas Zarcas Meteorite Soil

video 3