Moving from Equality to Equity (PDF). Keynote Speech by Tia Brown McNair at KCC's ATD Relaunch during Spring 2017 Convocation.

The Importance of Striving for Equity at Community Colleges (PDF) by Tia Brown McNair.

Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence. Special issue of the AAC&U's journal, Diversity & Democracy.

Breakaway Learners: Strategies for Post-Secondary Success with At-Risk Students by Karen Gross (2017).

America's Unmet Promise: The Imperative for Equity in Higher Education by Keith Witham, Lindsey E. Malcom-Piqueux, Alicia C. Dowd and Estela Mara Bensimon.

Using Data and Inquiry to Build Equity-Focused College-Going Cultures by Tia Brown McNair (co-author).

Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence: A Campus Guide for Self-Study and Planning.

Developing a Community College Student Roadmap by Tia Brown McNair.

College Makes Me Feel Dangerous: On Well-Being and Higher Education by David Scobey.

Diversity Scorecard for Kingsborough Community College by the Data & Technology Subcommittee of the Achieving the Dream Team at KCC (working draft).