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History, Philosophy and Political Science Department

Careers In History, Philosophy and Political Science

The study of the liberal arts not only prepares students for understanding the world they live in, but also enables them to acquire valuable skills that are applicable to many careers. The ability to criticize, organize, and synthesize extensive materials and to write with clarity and precision are important qualities for success in a variety of jobs not directly related to our disciplines

Courses in our department help prepare students for graduate study in history, law, urban planning and government, politics, criminal justice, and public or private administration. 
Explore Career Options.

Other opportunities for professional development include jobs in

Historical Associations
Cultural Institutions
The Peace Corps
Intelligence Services
Professional Organizations
Foreign service
Schools, colleges
Public Relations
Market Research
Program development
Product development
Political Campaigning
Public History

For more information regarding career planning and professional development in some of these fields, consider contacting any of the following organizations:

American Historical Association400 A Street, S.EWashington D.C. 20003American Political Science Association1527 New Hampshire Ave NWWashington D.C. 20036-1206

American Philosophical Association
University of Delaware Newark, DE 19716

American Association of Museums
1225 I Street, Ste. 200
Washington D.C. 20005

American Federation of Teachers
555 New Jersey Avenue, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20001