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About SPE

The Speech Communication Program at Kingsborough Community College is an Associate's degree in Applied Science offered during the day only. This major is jointly registered by the State Education Department for both Kingsborough Community College and Brooklyn College. It is designed to provide KCC students with the opportunity to complete the first two years of course requirements for the Brooklyn College B.A. program in SPEECH COMMUNICATION. We also have agreements with Pace University in Manhattan and Iona College in Westchester (see ‘Transfer’ tab). The Speech Communication major has two concentrations:


Communication Studies Concentration

The Communication Studies concentration is a new alternative to the Liberal Arts major especially for those students who are undecided about a future career path and plan on choosing a major once they transfer to a four year college. The Communication Studies concentration at KCC requires liberal arts courses and provides a strong foundation in communication skills for further study at a four year college in areas such as:

• pre-law
• communication studies
• public relations
• corporate communication

For those students who may not wish to continue studying at a four year college, an A.S. degree in Communication Studies is a terminal degree which provides an education of vital communication skills (e.g., Career Communication, Small Group Communication, Effective Public Speaking) necessary for jobs in our world today. Police officers, Administrative/Corporative Assistants, Managers and the like, all benefit from a solid foundation of communication skills

Speech Pathology/Language/Audiology/Speech Hearing
Sciences Concentration

Students who major in the Speech Pathology concentration will be preparing for a profession of specialists who diagnose and treat persons who have speech, language and/or hearing disabilities. This field has a very strong job market. Speech Language Pathologists may be employed by:

• the NYC Department of Education
• hospitals and nursing homes
• private practice services

Brooklyn College requires students to have a 3.0 GPA from Kingsborough and the completed A.S. degree in order to admitted automatically into their Speech program. Students must also maintain a 3.0 GPA for this concentration at Brooklyn College. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association ( accepts this program (the completed B.A. from Brooklyn College) as fulfilling the requirement for undergraduate training.

A master’s degree is necessary in order to be a certified Speech Language Pathologists. Admittance in a master’s degree program is highly competitive especially in the New York area. Students will need a high GPA (3.5 or higher), GRE score (Graduate Record Exam), letters or recommendations and a personal statement. You may want to see further information at

Additional Information:

The Speech Communication major has a website filled with additional information through the Blackboard program

All majors should visit the "Speech Communication" Blackboard site which is listed under "My Organizations" in Blackboard. You can log on at or use the link provided here.

If you don't know how to log on to your Blackboard site, click on the "Blackboard" link on the Kingsborough home page and get instructions and help.

Be sure to visit Speech Communication on Blackboard often as it is the number one way for you to get current information about issues such as registration, transfer, graduation regulations etc.