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Lesson 6 - Unit 6 - Quiz #1

  1. List the 5 regions of the epidermis and explain the differences in the keratinocytes found
      in each region.
  2. Explain how adjacent epidermal cells are attached to each other and explain how the
      epidermis is attached to the dermis.
  3. List one function each for the two regions of the dermis.
  4. List 4 cell types found in the dermis and state their functions.
  5. Describe 5 functions of the integument.
  6. Describe the formation of a hair within its follicle.
  7. List and describe the 3 types of hair found on the human body during one's life cycle.
  8. Define: nail body, nail bed, and nail root.
  9. Explain the difference in function between eccrine and apocrine sweat glands.
10. Explain the function of a sebaceous gland found on the face of an adult, on the face of a
      fetus, and in the ear canal of an adult.