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Lesson 8 - Lab 2- Observing and Drawing Connective Tissues

Student Performance Objectives
1. Draw representative fields, from prepared slides, of various types of connective tissue,
utilizing proper paper, 3H pencil, headings, and neatly drawn labels.

Lesson Outline
A. Recall the following protocol for drawings: emphasis on neatness and clarity
    1. Use of 3H (non-smudging) pencil.
    2. Unlined (typing) paper utilized for drawings.
    3. Proper heading: name, class, instructor, and date.
    4. Titling of each drawing based on a prepared slide's label.
    5. Indication of total magnification used to make the drawing.
    6. Use of ruler to draw lines from labels to item being labeled.
    7. Use of neatly printed lettering for labels.
    8. Proper placement of labels on one or both sides of the illustration.
B. Students draw representative fields from the following prepared slides, to be handed in for
    1. Areolar connective tissue.
    2. Dense regular connective tissue (slide may say fibrous connective tissue).
    3. Fibrocartilage (often from intervertebral discs)
    4. Elastic cartilage (possibly from the larynx or ears).
    5. Hyaline cartilage (from bone joint-surface or from embryonic skeletal tissue prior to
    6. Bone - include both cancellous and compact bone sections.
    7. Adipose tissue.