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LSAMP's Mission

LSAMP's Mission

How does LSAMP fulfill its mission?

LSAMP supports research training opportunities and academic support services for students to encourage greater participation in science, mathematics and engineering and to boost academic excellence. For the faculty and students in the community colleges this support is made possible through various financial incentives, including competitive faculty grants.

Who are the participating Institutions?

The participating CUNY campuses include Baruch, Borough of Manhattan CC, Bronx CC, Brooklyn College, City College, College of Staten Island, Hostos CC, Hunter College, Kingsborough CC, LaGuardia CC, Lehman College, Medgar Evers College, New York City College of Technology, Queens, Queensborough CC, York and the CUNY Graduate Center.

The NYC Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (NYC-LSAMP) is an alliance of 16 CUNY Colleges and the CUNY Graduate Center. The Alliance goal is to substantially increase the number of underrepresented minority students who pursue and graduate with Baccalaureate Degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). From its inception in November 1992, the Alliance has been at the forefront of a concerted effort to increase annual Minority STEM enrollment and graduation in the City University of New York. The Alliance provides academic scholarship support to CUNY students majoring in the STEM disciplines, making research an integral part of STEM education in New York City.

LSAMP Program Activities Include:

  • Research Assistantships and Teaching Opportunities for LSAMP Scholars
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Research Fellowships
  • Collaborative Learning Approach to STEM Education
  • Restructured Gatekeeper Courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  • Curriculum Coordination and Articulation across the City University of New York
  • Faculty Research Initiation and Articulation Program
  • Peer and Faculty Mentoring
  • Science and Engineering Learning Centers at CUNY campuses
  • The Urban University Series Conference
  • NASA Summer and Academic Year Collaborations
  • Brookhaven National Labs Summer Participation for Community College Students