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Liberty Partnerships Program At KCC

Liberty Partnerships Program

Facts about the Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP)

  • Kingsborough's LPP is serving 225 high school students and alumni from Brooklyn this year
  • Kingsborough's LPP is impacting the development of independent and self directed youth who will become the productive citizens of tomorrow
  • During the 2007-2008 academic year, over 50 LPP will be servicing students through New York State
  • LPP has  a 92% graduation rate statewide, 93% of those graduates continued on to college, careers or the Armed Forces
  • Kingsborough's LPP is celebrating its 18th successful year of operation

Contact Information:

  • Gabriela Dekki, MSW
    Project Director
    Kingsborough Community College

  • Room: F106A

  • Department: Academic Affairs

  • Phone: 718-368-5094
  • Fax: 718-368-5337
Liberty Partnerships Program
  •  Kingsborough's LPP has served over 3000 students
  • Established in 1989, Kingsborough's LPP has been committed to its goal of helping retain and successfully graduate at-risk high school students. Funded by the New York State Department of Education, the LPP offers our students compensatory and supportive services which are designed to increase their motivation and ability to complete secondary school and see entry into post secondary education and meaningful employment.
  • Believing in the effectiveness of a collaborative approach to motivating our students, the LPP includes the following partners:
    • Members of the Kingsborough's faculty and administration
    • Parents
    • Teachers and school administrators
    • Local businesses
    • Volunteers, mentors, and community-based organizations