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Historic Black Sites in NYC

Historic Black Sites in NYC


As New Yorkers we often overlook the beauty and the historical significance of the places around us.  As part of this year’s Diversity Symposium, Black Lives Matters: Moving Toward a collective consciousness, we invite you to discover the hidden history and contributions of black people to NYC.  We constructed a virtual map that spotlights some of the Historical Back Sites in NYC. Feel free to incorporate other places influenced by black people that are not yet on the map.

Please explore, while practicing social distancing, the legacy of iconic black figures like Shirley Chisholm, Langston Hughes, and Jackie Robinson. Take a stroll through the Dyckman Farmhouse, stop by the Spike Lee studios in Bedford Stuyvesant, or go for a hike at Shirley Chisolm State Park.  If you would rather shop, head to the Malcolm Shabazz market in Harlem.  There you will find fabulous traditional African crafts and textiles.  If you are literary inclined visit The Schomburg Center.   The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture has announced the acquisition of Angelou's papers.  The acquisition includes letters from Malcom X, James Baldwin, as well as Bill Clinton’s inauguration.  There’s so much to discover throughout our fine city and feel free to post your impressions of the places you visit on the Padlet wall.


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