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Our Approach

At Kingsborough, we are committed to providing equitable access to high-quality educational opportunities and support to our students.  We envision a future where education aligns with the personal goals of every student.  In that effort we have created educational advances through Starfish so that every student reaches their full potential. In the past there were students that fell off our radar.  

Starfish will allow us to deliver a more comprehensive set of advising and early-alert tools that will promote retention and student success.  Allowing us to better serve that population of students as well as others from falling off the radar of the academic support. We empower our students to make informed choices throughout their academic journeys through our partnerships with higher education institutions.  Leveraging technology, various services, and our community to help students find the right path to success.



Starfish is a holistic way of approaching student success. Student success is anchored into institutional priorities.   Starfish looks at the framework from a student's point of view.  Beginning with aligning student and institutional goals, developing effective initiatives and strategies to achieve those goals, and unite the entire campus around student success.  

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Starfish provides advisors with tools to identify students most at risk and can easily share information to support advisors and reinforce recommendations.  With this, they can prioritize outreach, based on where and when the need is greatest arises.  With this Advisors don’t have to wait for students to ask for help, because they’re alerted to issues prior to them becoming larger problems.
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As the most direct connection to at-risk college students, Faculty members are key to student success.  Faculty can raise flags when issues first appear and make recommendations for academic support. By communicating in a common system, faculty know that students see messages, and advisors reinforce recommendations.

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