The filing period for June 2021 graduation is open from March 15 through April 30.  

Go to CUNYfirst to Apply for Graduation if you will meet all requirements by June 2021. 

Matriculated students who are registered for Spring 2021 and who will have a total of at least 60 credits at the end of the spring session are able to apply online for graduation using CUNYfirst.  Go to Academics under your Student Center and click on Apply for Graduation.  If you are not currently attending and you wish to apply for graduation, please click on the Graduation FAQ link on the left side of this page, download a paper application, and send the completed form to   

Please be aware that your curriculum (plan) in CUNYfirst must match your selection on the graduation application. You will not be eligible for graduation if you choose a curriculum (plan) other than your official plan on file. All requests that do not follow this guideline will be denied with no exceptions.

In order to earn a degree you will need to meet the following general requirements: 

  1. Be matriculated during your last term of attendance at Kingsborough. 
  2. Earn 60 credits (or the specific credit requirement for your major) meeting the specific course requirements for your degree.
  3. Have a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average at the end of your last term.
  4. Have passed a Writing Intensive Course (WIC) if you entered Kingsborough in Fall 2010 or after.
  5. Meet any required grading requirements for course(s), such as a minimum grade of "C" in Nursing courses.
  6. Have passed the CUNY Reading, Writing, and Mathematics assessment examinations.
  7. Have completed two Civic Engagement (CE) interactions if you are a Pathways student; click here for a list of Civic Engagement courses.
  8. Have filed a current graduation application with the Registrar’s Office.   

PLEASE NOTE--The filing period for June 2021 potential graduates will not be extended past the April 30th deadline.  Please apply in a timely fashion.  Also note that participation in the Commencement Ceremony does not signify graduation.   

REMEMBER--An application generates the evaluation for graduation. If an application is not filed, an evaluation is not done.  Previous applications are not automatically reactivated, and students are required to reapply. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION--All requirements toward a June 2021 degree must be completed by the end of the Spring 2021 session.  Courses taken in the summer are applied toward August 2021 degrees.  Students who are registered for Summer 2021 classes will not be considered for June 2021 degrees, and they must reapply in the summer when the August 2021 filing period opens. 

REMINDER--No late applications will be accepted past the filing deadline.  There will be no exceptions.