Transfer Students Working Their Way To Their Dreams


Transfer Students Working Their Way To Their Dreams

This week is National Transfer Student Week (Oct. 19-23) and students at colleges across the country are meeting virtually with other colleges and universities in order to continue on their personal paths to achieving their academic goals and dreams.

This year’s theme is “Thriving Through Transfer.” On Tuesday, Kingsborough Community College (KCC) students Anthony Thomas and Juliana Bonavero were among many students from various universities and colleges who participated in a panel discussion on Zoom about their experiences as transfer students. The panel also included a registrar and representatives of transfer student associations. The discussion was sponsored and hosted by Valaurie Lee, president and CEO of VB Consulting Services, Peachtree City, GA., which has served higher education institutions for over 18 years.

“The physical visit was less than an hour but the mental visit is still there,” said Thomas after a video was shown of him being greeted by President Claudia Schrader. “I was so very excited to see the president taking the time to welcome new students to this institution. I said ‘Wow, the president! Not even on video!’ We’re in a virtual world and she’s not virtual. She was there live and direct. She just didn’t come and give you a package and go, she wanted to know you and where you plan to go … long-term, what are your goals. And, she shared all of the (College’s) resources that are available.”

Bonavero echoed Thomas’ sentiments, noting that she shared her experience with friends from other colleges who said their schools “never did that.”

“I was like ‘my school did.’ This school is made for me. The way this school makes me feel, the way the president made me feel, I really did feel welcomed,” she said.

When asked about transferring credits from another college to Kingsborough, Bonavero said almost all of her credits were transferred over. 

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