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Play for Pink and Blue Softball Game


Play for Pink and Blue Softball Game

Monday, October 26, 2023

Our third annual “Play for Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month Softball Game,” the brainchild of Multimedia Production Specialist Tonya Collins, brought a host of administrators, staff, faculty, professors and spectators together for an afternoon of fun and to raise awareness about the seriousness of breast cancer. This year, we also played for “blue” and raised awareness for testicular cancer. KCC’s now annual softball game has become something the attendees look forward to. 

On a cloudless, sunny day the Pink Panthers and Blue’s Clues ran onto the field to begin the ceremony and game, which opened with greetings from American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Brooklyn coordinators Renee Regnier and Rosemary Perez-Bell followed by words of advice from metastatic breast cancer thriver, Hillary Stackpole of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, who also threw the first pitch. 

“As a woman living with metastatic breast cancer, it’s important for me to share my story and raise breast cancer awareness. As the month of October is closing, I want to remind every woman to get their yearly mammogram,” said Hillary. “If under age 40, monthly breast self-exams are an easy way to detect any changes that may be happening in breast tissue. Remember, early detection saves lives.”

The coaches were Finance and Administration Vice President Ed Rios and Dr. Anthony Borgese, chair of the tourism and hospitality department. Athletic Director Robert Allison served as umpire and pitched for the blue team, and Volleyball Coach Paul Watson pitched for the pink team while Maria Patestas, director of operations and scholarships in Office of Institutional Advancement, kept score. 

It was a tight game, tied 3-3 in the seventh inning. At the top of the ninth the Pink Panthers were ahead 4-3, sure that they would end the game with the winning play. But Blue’s Clues turned it around and closed out with an additional two runs, making the final score 5-4. Congratulations, Blue’s Clues!

“Play for Pink & Blue turned out to be a powerful and beautiful day of community and team spirit at KCC. The information shared by our fierce fighter Hillary Stackpole and our guests Rosemary Perez-Bell and Renee Regnier from the American Cancer Society will help to save lives,” said President Claudia Schrader. “There were more players than I am sure regulations would allow, and our cheerleaders didn't all have pom poms, but their voices and cheers were all the inspiration we needed for a great game.”

The event raised over $600 towards cancer research and the KCC Foundation. It's not too late to donate, though!

Special thanks to the Play for Pink Planning Team:

  • Maria Patestas (score keeper)
  • Nancy Sanchez-Badillo
  • Nadine Browne
  • Mariana Sang
  • Linda McKernan
  • Bobby Allison

A big shout to both teams! 

Pink Panthers:

Coach: Anthony Borgese, Chairperson of Tourism & Hospitality

President Claudia Schrader

Robert Pacifici

Cynthia Olvina

Victor Perez

Maria Bartolomeo-Maida

Andrew Ardito

Pittershawn Palmer

Colby S.

Thomas F.

Danny McLaughlin

Cynthia Despinasse

Mike Taverna

Susan Dowd

Alejandro C.

Vanessa Perez

Caleb M.

Patrick J.

Rosemary Perez-Bell

Kevin Beaubrum

Blue’s Clues

Coach: Eduardo Rios, VP of Administration & Finance

Yoskar Guzman

Donna Cafiero

Luciano Lobello

Nicole Donovan

Sam Lee

Tommy Mintz

Andres Escobar

TJ Laino

Justin Olvina

Freylin Nunez

Frances Koren

Brian Dowd

Stephen Pearson

William Park

Avery Mullen

Giana Hidalgo

Nasir Useini

Renee Regnier

Netanel Nemet