Best Practices Using Blackboard Media Tools (Yuja)

Blackboard 9.1: Uploading and Sharing Material on YUJA


  1. Overview
  2. Best Practices
  3. Additional Resources

1. Overview

Yuja is a multimedia platform that is integrated within Blackboard. Yuja makes it simple to store and manage new and existing videos and has the features that online faculty and students need to easily access and engage with multimedia. It offers lecture capture, video management, auto-captioning and transcription, analytics, and indexing.

Included in this page are some best practices for teaching with multimedia. Topics include: how to chunk down your recorded lectures and tips for setting up your home office for a recording session.

2. Best Practices

  1. Chunk down your recorded lectures. If you choose to record your lectures with Yuja, strive to keep the length short (3-7 min). Note: you may be able to find free video content that already exists that you can just upload to share with students instead of having to record yourself.
  2. Prepare for recording: write a script for and practice it once or twice;position your webcam so there is enough soft light from the front; and.
  3. Provide active learning activities or interactive quizzes as formative assessments at specific intervals during the video or in combination with video content.
  4. Ensure ADA compliance with the closed-captioning and the transcription features. Yuja will auto caption and create transcripts for video and audio — but you may have to edit them slightly for errors. These can be very beneficial to those learning English as a second language and can help students with reading and literacy issues.
  5. Use relevant keywords to help with indexing. The video management system will auto index your videos so students can go directly to the areas they need in a video.
  6. Give students the opportunity to create, edit and submit videos in Blackboard. Multimodal assignments are effective at engaging students and create opportunities for deeper learning. Just be sure that students have the required technology in order to complete the video assignment.
  7. Measure the engagement of your videos with analytics to get an idea of their  effectiveness. Check to see how many times students are watching and where their engagement is dropping off.

3. Additional Resources