The college-wide and distribution requirements of every curriculum offered by the faculty of Kingsborough Community College are based on these principles:

  • The pursuit and application of knowledge, lifelong, can make the most positive contribution to our community, as well as to the quality of our individual lives. Our community includes the physical and cultural world.
  • Each of us has responsibility for the quality of life we all share. Understanding the attributes and experiences all human beings have in common is integral to understanding oneself. Self-knowledge facilitates personal, social, vocational, ethical and intellectual development.
  • A Kingsborough Community College education should include the opportunity to:
    • learn the fundamental elements of the social, behavioral, physical and life sciences; the humanities and the arts as the expression of our individual uniqueness and shared experiences; mathematical reasoning; and written, interpersonal and technological communication for a changing and global society; and
    • apply what is learned to solving real-world problems.
  • Students should demonstrate learning by their ability to
    • interpret and transmit information critically and analytically;
    • solve problems; and
    • communicate effectively to others what has been learned and experienced, and is believed.
  • Today's undergraduates need a curriculum that can accommodate college course work completed at other accredited institutions of higher learning. This same curriculum should emphasize the interconnectedness of all knowledge, regardless of each course's subject matter. A focus on pedagogy over content may achieve this second goal without sacrificing the first.
  • Faculty should continually seek to improve teaching and learning. Improvements should be planned as a result of evidence-based assessments of student learning outcomes.