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BEH 70/71

BEH 70/71 - Intro to Research

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The Kingsborough Behavioral Social Science Research Project

Opportunity for students to create an independent college level social science research paper.

Is there a social topic you are interested in researching?  

Would you like to earn eight college credits while researching your favorite social topic?

Students receive free of charge:

  • Eight college credits  (two 4-credit courses)
  • Knowledge and practice in college level writing and research skills
  • Access to a writing mentor in your high school
  • Opportunities to submit your finished project for publication in college journals
  • A completed research project that can be utilized in any future college course that requires a research paper

Students attend BEH 70 (Spring) and BEH 71 (Fall) on the Kingsborough campus once a week.


  • Interest in researching a social topic (i.e.; video and violence in teens; body image in popular magazines; etc.)
  • Be an upper junior in spring semester
  • GPA 80% and above
  • Available on Thursday afternoons in the spring and fall semesters

For further information or if you are interested in applying for Spring 2018 please contact:

 Ms. Anna TBetancourt or go to the College Now Office at your high school.

Kingsborough Community College/College Now 718-368-5170

BEH Students
BEH Students
BEH Students
BEH Students
BEH Students
BEH Students