Blackboard User Guide

The Blackboard enhanced version (currently installed) now includes the following new and updated features:

Easily accessible navigation

Improved content editor

New assessment functions

Inline assignment grading

Redesigned discussion board

New Calendar Tool


What is Blackboard? 

Blackboard is a Web-based learning management system (LMS) designed to support fully online or hybrid courses.  Blackboard provides many types of tools and features for enriching the learning experience.

What can you do with Blackboard?

An instructor can post assignments, syllabus, lesson plans, and documents for the class. Students can directly submit their completed assignments to Blackboard to be graded; feedback and grades can be posted for the students to access; instructors can communicate with the entire class via email or the Message Box tool without having to know their email addresses. The grade center tool can be used to post grades and keep students informed of their progress.  These are just a few things that can be done with Blackboard which is available 24/7.  Best of all, the course design and all the work that was put into it can be copied and reused for another semester.

 What courses are accessible on Blackboard?

All courses in which you are teaching or enrolled are accessible on Blackboard. If you do not see your course listed, please contact the IT Help Desk.

How do I access my Blackboard course?

Sign into Blackboard (see instructions below) and a list of your current and past semesters’ courses will be listed. Click on the course to access it.

Blackboard Log-in Instructions 

Click on the above link for instructions on how to:

Login into Blackboard

Create a Blackboard user id / reset your password / retrieve a forgotten login id

Frequently asked questions

Click on the above link to view:

What you need to access Blackboard

How to access Blackboard

How to reset my CUNY Portal/ Blackboard Password

How to update my Blackboard email

How to access and work with the discussion Board

Accessing and submitting assignments

Accessing and submitting Safe Assignments

How to change your email address in Blackboard

Blackboard help for students

Student user guides:

On Demand Learning Videos for Students

Click on the above link to see videos on:

Working in your course.

Taking a test online

Checking your grades

Working in groups

Creating a Blog entry

Using the Discussion Board

Creating and editing a Wiki

Viewing my contribution to a wiki

Linking wiki pages

Using the course map

Submitting an assignment

Faculty user guides:

On Demand Learning Videos for faculty

Click on the above link to see videos on:


Building your course

Creating course content

Comparing the new editor with the legacy text editor

Using the text editor

Editing the course Home page

Building a learning module

Creating a lesson plan

Adding a glossary term and textbook information

Creating a blank page

Creating a tool link and a URL

Creating a Mashup

Attaching a course file to an item

Taking a tour of the course files

Creating rules to release a content

Working in the course environment

The new 2012 Blackboard theme

Getting started with your course

Your course environment

Select the page where users enter your course

Adding a banner to your course

Creating a blank page

Upload files to your course

Adding an Avatar to personalize your course    

Making the course available/unavailable to students

Setting permissions

Using the Report and Course utilities


Working with the Grade Center

Using the Grade Center - YouTube Video

Getting started with the grade center

Downloading the grade center to a spreadsheet

Customizing the grade center

Setting up the grade center


Blackboard Help

Blackboard help for instructors

The discussion board

Tests, Surveys and Pools

Blackboard YouTube Quick Videos

Online Teaching Strategies

Blackboard Mobile FAQs

Browser Support for Blackboard

After Hours BlackBoard Support