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Office of Institutional Advancement

Faculty Appeal

A Message to Faculty and Staff From President Claudia V. Schrader

Many of us marveled at the James Webb recent telescope's images, which showed our universe's far reaches. For many, outer space has long represented a great, unchartered frontier—the wonder and promise of infinite possibilities.

Back on Earth, you and your fellow KCC faculty and staff continue to help students return to college life in a post-COVID-19 world. Though none of our students are astronauts (yet), they too are boldly going where no students have gone before: a city emerging from a global pandemic, a hybrid learning environment, a reshaped labor market, and a shaky economy.

Fortunately, they can overcome their limitations and reach for the stars, thanks to you!

Whether you are teaching in the classroom or maintaining our beautiful grounds, counseling our students over Zoom, or keeping them safe on campus, you are a major reason that KCC was named the #1 Community College in New York State (, a Top 10 Community College Nationwide (Aspen Institute Excellence Program, 2022), and Best Community College in New York 2023 (!

Yet we can always go the extra mile, especially when we know what’s at stake for our talented and hardworking students. You can invest in our students' interstellar potential by supporting the 2022-2023 Annual Fund Campaign. Click here to make a gift to the Annual Fund.

No one works harder than you and your colleagues, just as no one dreams bigger than our students. With your gift to the 2022-2023 Annual Fund Campaign, our students’ dreams—their stars in the sky—will be within their reach despite daunting financial obstacles.

Thank you for all that you do, every day, to make KCC a leading light for community colleges nationwide. I know that you share my pride in all that we have accomplished together, and I hope you will join me in supporting the 2022-2023 Annual Fund Campaign!

With Gratitude,

Claudia V. Schrader

Claudia V. Schrader

Annual Fund

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