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Wednesday, March  13, 2024

The College Community,

The University has asked the College for a plan of compliance with New York State laws S5922 & A109 (2020):

"All single-occupancy bathrooms in State-owned or State-operated buildings and office spaces shall be designated as Gender-Neutral."

Campus Planning and Design has completed a survey of all “Single Occupant” restrooms. These restrooms will be phased into “Gender-Neutral” restrooms for all to use as per NYS law.

Single Occupant Faculty and Staff restrooms in public areas will also be converted and opened for all to use including students. This conversion will include installing an indicator style locking feature that will display “Occupied” when locked and in use. There will also be signage posted at each restroom to designate as Gender-Neutral.

To date, 13 restrooms have been converted in this 1st phase.
These are located at:

    • A117
    • A119
    • C306
    • D306
    • E306
    • F306
    • L120
    • L303
    • T8102
    • U230A
    • U230B
    • V107
    • V108

B&G is in the midst of the 2nd phase targeting an additional 20 restrooms located in A&S, MAC, Library, T1, T2, T3& T4. The goal is to make all Single Occupant restrooms available to all with the appropriate indicator lock and signage.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

 Thank you.

 Ed Rios
Vice President for Finance & Administration
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Facilites Officer
Kingsborough Community College