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Welcome to the Testing Office at Kingsborough Community College.

We are located in the T-6 building at the back end of the Kingsborough campus.
The Testing Office is responsible for administering the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT).

The CUNY Assessment Tests consist of 3 major parts: Writing, Reading, and Mathematics. Students must pass all 3 parts or have qualifying exemptions in order to take creadit bearing English and math courses.

Freshman Students: The University requires that all degree seeking students take the CUNY Assessment Tests before registering for classes. If your test scores do not meet the established standard for an exemption, you may be required to register for non-credit bearing remedial courses to help you advance to college level courses.

*A note about the Mathematics portion of the CUNY Assessment Test. All entering students at Kingsborough Community College are required to take the Mathematics portion for placement purposes. This means that even if you have qualifying exemptions you will take the Math CAT, to evaluate your math level. The purpose of this is to ensure that students who have higher than proficient math skills are not placed in lower level college math courses. Also all STEM majors (Biology, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) must take this part of the CAT to take part in those majors.

Continuing Students: Students who have failed one or more parts of the CUNY Assessment Tests should consult with the instructor of the remedial course they are currently taking, to establish their progress. Students must pass all 3 parts or have qualifying exemptions in order to take credit bearing English and Math courses.

Exemption information is available on the CUNY Website, which you can access by clicking here. Testing FAQs





Testing Office
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Room T-602

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