IT 3 – INTERMEDIATE ITALIAN (3 crs. 3 hrs.)


This Italian 3 course is a progressive study, a journey into listening and speaking skills by practicing and personalizing situation that will make your venture exiting as well as enjoyable.  The process of thinking, reflecting and acting will not only be a requirement, but it will also be an exotic adventure into a new culture.

Students will be encouraged to participate and respond to simple questions about their life, their family, and their recent activities through class presentations and participations.  Here students will introduce themselves and create a virtual scenario that entails asking for directions or simply requesting information.

Students will be encouraged to practice what they have learned through class activities, imitating real life situations such as traveling, ordering meals, discussing school or work schedules.  Daily class practice and student interaction will improve their verbal performance to a confident and comfortable level.

Prerequisite: IT 2 or acceptable Language Placement Examination score