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Elementary Italian II



Prerequisite: Italian 1
Beginning with the Alps in the northern regions, through the Lombard plains, across the wonder of its historic cities and the Mediterranean vistas of Sicily, Italy is a country of diversity and splendor. As is the Italian language. Listen to opera, read its literature, experience the romance: Italian is wonderful to speak and a delight to hear. From old Rome to the modern Italian Republic, Italy has played a vital role in Western culture and today almost 60 million people speak Italian. People who speak this language have created some of the world's greatest works of art, literature and music.

When you complete Italian 2 you will have broadened your horizons in both the language and the culture of Italy. Here you will continue to develop language skills that were attained in Italian 1 through listening, reading , speaking and writing; you will gain the confidence to speak the language with more fluency and will be able to engage in longer and more complex conversations in and out of the classroom.

This course uses the same textbook as Italian 1: Ciao, 7th Edition, by Carla Larese Riga & Chiaria Maria Dal Martello, and is enriched by a state of the art language laboratory, weekly professor's office hours, cultural events and free tutoring; these create a wide range of experiences and activities for our students.