Hebrew 2

This course focuses on the achievement of the conversational facility as well as the reading, writing, and listening skills that will allow the student to express himself about his immediate environment and daily functions, and to independently comprehend passages based on immediate, functional themes.  Students will achieve an understanding of the structures of the Hebrew language, with a stress on modern usage, and will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Israeli life and culture.

Specifically, students will develop the communicative skills required to discuss topics of study and career aspirations using the present and past tenses, synthesizing these with the infinitive;  to exchange information relating to country of origin and past and present places of  origin; to exchange information about employment; to express time and time expressions and synthesize these with topics of transportation; to describe possession in present and past; to discuss and obtain information on topics relating to family and marital status; to express location and obtain direction; to survive in a restaurant and/or supermarket; and to convey emotions, feelings, wants, needs, and ability.

The prerequisite is Hebrew 1; or two years of high school Hebrew or its equivalent introductory level of instruction; or acceptable Language Placement Examination score; or permission by the Department.