Hebrew 30
Readings in Hebrew Translation I

Designed for non-Hebrew speaking students, Hebrew 30 stresses reading and analysis of Hebrew classics in cultural and historical context.

Hebrew 30 satisfies the Group Requirement for Literature/Philosophy and articulates with CUNY's literature courses in English translation.  All texts and classroom instruction are in English. No knowledge of the Hebrew language is required.

The aim of the course is to expose non-Hebrew peaking students to the fundamental cultural and ethical ideas, values, and attitudes of the classical Hebrew writers and thinkers; and to  introduce to and acquaint students  with various samplings of representative  writings of Classical Hebrew Literature: writings of the Greco-Roman Age, the Oral Law, biblical exegesis, the philosophy and poetry of Spain, the philosophical, halakhic, and literary contributions of Maimonides, and the ethical literature of the classical period;  and to these works to contemporary Jewish life today.

Students will understand the ideologies inherent in the various genres of classical Hebrew literature and gain an understanding of and appreciation for differences in cultures.