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Below is a list of websites that may be useful to KCC College Now Science faculty and students. The websites are arranged in categories according to the major headings of the Science 1 Syllabus, plus a general category:

I. Our Place in the Universe
II. Our Mastery of the Universe
III. Our Exploration of Ourselves
IV. General

Sites will change from time-to-time as faculty interests change, some sites disappear, and new sites become available



I. Our Place in the Universe

Astronomy magazine’s website with news, features, telescopes, star charts,

educational resources, photos and more.

Scientific American’s web site for explorations.

Web site focusing on amusement park physics, with interactive activities.

New York Times active skywatch column.

Web site for teaching students evolution using dynamic multi-media.

A web site containing satellite images for free viewing.

Sky & Telescope magazine’s overview of what’s happening in the sky this week.

A conservation web site by National Geographic.

Rose Center for Earth and Space. Great resource for space science from the

American Museum of Natural History

Web site where you can see what it is like to fall into a black hole.

National Museum of Natural History’s 25 databases on entomology.

A web site devoted to volcanoes.

A human evolution website.

II. Our Mastery of the Universe

A web site on Environmental Informatics.

NASA’s space calendar listing rocket launches, astronomical events and more.

NASA sponsored web site with links to useful robotics sites on the web.

Web site of Philadelphia’s Academy of National Sciences resources and projects

for teachers and students.

Hands-On Science Centers around the world.

A biology web site with 100 free experiments.

Animal Genome Size Database

Web site on computer chip physics.

III. Our Explorations of Ourselves

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation web site.

Web site for the CDC on parasites.

Botany Online web site with text, images, movies, cell micrographs, animations

and interactive molecular models.


Web site for downloading a multi-engine web search tool.

Content highlights of Science for the current week.

Science web site for science careers.

Web site for the journal Science.

Web site for Scientific American magazine, with news and research.