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A Joint Program by Kingsborough Community College and Brooklyn College in Biotechnology

 Funded by The National Science Foundation 

nsflogo NSF # 1205013



"Biotechnology" is today's world of science applied to every aspect of your life: reading your personal genetic code, diagnosing and treating your genetic disorders, modifying your foods to remain fresh and be more nutritious, understanding and countering the potential bioterrorism of engineered bacteria and viruses, creating new and effective classes of drugs to fight disease and aging, and all the ethical and commercial issues that arise from these endeavors.

The potential biotechnologist can become part of this creative field through 2 years of training at Kingsborough Community College with the opportunity for further education and advancement beyond our campus to an exciting new world of science and its bioengineering applications.


Program Description

On Campus Discoveries in Science: A Science Preparation Program in Biotechnology in Support of New York City Teachers and Students is a three year project funded by the National Science Foundation designed to broaden the impact and effectiveness of science education in New York City. This innovative project aimed at middle and high school teachers and their students seeks to strengthen science teaching and broaden the pipeline of qualified science students.

The On Campus Discoveries program includes A Summer Institute for high school teachers in the techniques and research applications of biotechnology. The institute will enhance the teachers own knowledge of biotechnology and help them present the material to their students in a clear and up-to-date way. The program also provides opportunities for high school students to have hands-on instruction in college science laboratories, the implementation of an innovative course in the teaching of biotechnology, and the development of virtual enterprise career simulations embedded in biology courses for biotechnology students. 

Kingsborough Community College and Brooklyn College, both units of the City University of New York, previously developed and implemented a joint program leading to a 2-year, A.S. Biotechnology degree from Kingsborough and then a seamless transfer to Brooklyn College for completion of either a B.A. or B.S. degree in biology (see detailed curriculum and project personnel). The program is designed for high school graduates who wish to gain job-related skills for immediate employment in the biotechnology industry. Students can also continue their studies toward a 4-year Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences at Brooklyn College, further enhancing their earning potential in the biotechnology field.  The program's content is based on industry needs determined by direct contact with local and national Biotech companies.





On-Campus Discoveries Program Activities

1.     Two eight-day Summer Workshops to train high school teachers in the latest advances in biotechnology.


2.     Integration of Virtual Enterprise activities into existing biotechnology courses to help college students improve their job training skills.

3.     A Lending Library of equipment and supplies to be used by high school teachers at their home institutions.


4.     An online Wiki and bulletin board for posting of newly developed educational materials.

5.     High school faculty demonstrate Biotechnology activities for their students at their home institutions.