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Class Permission Request

Having trouble registering for a class? Let us know, so we can help!


The Registration Help Center Class Permission Request Form is for students who are receiving errors when trying to register for classes they should be qualified* for. Simply fill out the form, and a Help Center representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

*Qualified students typically receive one of the following error messages:

  • Unable to add this class - requisites have not been met.
  • You have already taken this class.
  • Multiple enrollment for this class is not allowed.
  • Adding this class would exceed your course limit for this session
  • Maximum Session Unit Load Exceeded
  • You have been given a grade of W/WD/WN for this class

There are several error messages we cannot assist with:

Error Possible Resolution
You have a hold on your record

Please contact the department responsible for the hold, e.g. Advisement, Registrar, or Bursar.

Department permission required

Please contact the academic department directly.

Class is full.

Please choose a different section, we cannot add seats to classes.

You are not eligible to enroll for this term.

Please contact the Registrar. You likely need to readmit.  (Readmission Page With Instructions)

You have been withdrawn from the term.

After withdrawing all classes in a session, you must readmit to the college to continue your education.

A scheduling conflict exists with a currently enrolled class.

Please choose a different section.

Using the Form

Step One: Begin with your 8-digit EmplID

Intake Form

Step Two: Verify your Birth Year information

Confirm Date of Birth

Step Three: Select the Semester and Class Number in question

Select Semester

Step Four: Verify Class information and submit

Verify Infformation