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Be Transfer Ready


KCC Students

Graduating from KCC with your Associate degree provides many educational opportunities.  You can transfer to a CUNY, SUNY, private or out-of-state college, in pursuit of your Bachelor’s degree and beyond.  The key to a successful transfer, is knowing your interests, academic and career goals.  By beginning your research early, you can make informed decisions about the transfer process and choose the institution that aligns with your goals.


Transfer Timeline and Planning

It is never too early to start thinking about and planning your next steps after graduating from KCC.  If you wait until your last semester to begin the career and transfer exploration process, it can be overwhelming and limit your transfer options.  If you have questions about transferring, speak with your Academic Advisor.

  • Begin thinking about your interests, major and career goals. It is common to be undecided about a major and career path at the start of your college career.  Meet with a Career Advisor for assistance with choosing a major and exploring your career goals.

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to plan your courses, discuss your degree requirements, understand how the 12-6 semester works, and become knowledgeable on how to navigate CUNY first and Degree Works.  

  • Be sure to do well in your classes and maintain your Grade Point Average (GPA) every semester. While the minimum GPA required for graduation is 2.0, many academic programs at four-year colleges require a higher GPA, especially if the program is competitive.

  • Begin to think about and research four-year colleges that align with your goals.  Some questions to consider: Does the college offer your major?  Is there an Articulation Agreement with KCC?  Are you looking to stay close to home or go away?  What is the cost of attending the institution?

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor review your degree audit and stay on track towards graduation. Be sure to complete your college level Math requirement, as this is important for transfer admission, especially to CUNY four-year colleges.

  • Continue your research by visiting college websites and participating in open houses, transfer fairs and information sessions. These are all great ways to learn about transfer admission requirements, program or major requirements, and application deadlines.

  • Begin exploring scholarship opportunities, especially if you are thinking about attending an institution where you may need financial assistance with tuition and housing (if you are thinking of residing on campus).  
  • Connect with KCC Professors, especially in your major, as they can be a great resource to you. They may have valuable transfer information and/or provide some insight about their field of expertise and career.  If your transfer or scholarship application requires a letter of recommendation, be sure to ask your Professor with ample time.   

  • If you are still unsure about your career path, and have not met with a Career Advisor, be sure to do so asap. There are self-assessment tools that can help match your interests, values, skills, and personality to various occupations.          

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor and inquire about your projected date of graduation from KCC. It is best to complete all your degree requirements by the Fall or Spring semester.  Taking your last classes during the Winter or Summer session, can present some challenges for transfer. 

  • Attend transfer fairs, information sessions and campus tours, which can be offered in person or virtually. Speaking with representatives from the four-year college you are interested in attending, can help answer specific questions about the transfer admission process and your intended major.  
  • If you have not done so already, be sure to clear any holds on your CUNY first account. Holds can delay your KCC transcript from being sent and completing your application, which will delay the admission decision process.

  • Begin applying for transfer (and scholarships if applicable). Be sure to read the application(s) carefully and submit your application(s) before the deadline.  If there are any additional transfer application requirements (such as a personal statement, recommendations letters, or possible portfolios), be sure to review and edit your documents before submitting them.  

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor if you have any questions or concerns about your last semester at KCC. Successful completion of your last courses is imperative for graduation and transfer.
  • Be sure to apply for graduation during the filing period. You will apply via your CUNY first account and you must adhere to the filing deadline, which will be different depending on the degree (August, January or June degree) you are applying for.  Consult with the Academic Calendar or ask your Academic Advisor when the filing period opens and closes.  Do not miss the deadline!

  • Begin to receive Admission decisions from the colleges you applied to and decide which college you are most interested in transferring to.

  • Be sure to follow all instructions and next steps from the college you decide to attend. Colleges will ask that you confirm your intention to enroll and may require your attendance at a transfer orientation to register for classes.