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Employees of the Month

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month: Ellis Atkins

Public Safety Officer Ellis Atkins

Public Safety Officer Ellis Atkins is Recognized As Employee of the Month 

A huge congrats to Public Safety Officer Ellis Atkins for being named KCC’s July Employee of the Month!

Officer Atkins began working at Kingsborough in 1998 for an outside security company that had the contract for the College at the time. Over the years, as the contract changed hands, Officer Atkins worked with them and eventually became a CUNY employee in the public safety office.

Officer Atkins embodies what it means to be a role model of public safety’s core values. His job, he said, consists of “first, safety, protection of life and property and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for all who enter the campus.” In addition, two other components are “caring and paying attention” to details like facial expressions and body language and helping wherever he can.

“I remember an incident when I was walking by and a person was on their cell phone. They were screaming and yelling and they were upset about something that just happened in the classroom. So, I stopped them and directed them to one of my supervisors who could help them with the matter that they were going through. It was referred to the dean of students. The person who created the bad vibe, the bad feeling or the uncomfortable feeling was reprimanded … because they were out of line for the treatment of the student. I just try to stay focused. There are rules to this. When you hear something, you have to say something,” said Officer Atkins

A self-described people person, Officer Atkins’ favorite part of the job is being helpful, a sentiment echoed by many at KCC on a recent Zoom conference call congratulating him. “Everyone on campus knows you,” said Public Safety Chief Kenneth Greene. “We love you, Atkins,” said Nurse Dorothy Gale.  Others around campus described Officer Atkins as “the safety guy who is always very friendly.” 

“When I get to work, I look forward to seeing some of the people who I have been working with for years. I look forward to seeing the familiar faces, and seeing another day. I’m glad to be doing what I love to do,” said Officer Atkins.

When not protecting and serving the Kingsborough community, this native New Yorker enjoys laughing, attending comedy shows and spending time at family functions.

Congratulations, Officer Ellis Atkins: the first KCC safety officer recognized as KCC’s Employee of the Month.