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    Student Wellness Services

Phone 718 368 5975 | Fax 718 368 5057 | Counseling.Center@kbcc.cuny.edu

The Counseling Center provides emotional and psychological support to students as they pursue their academic and personal goals and strive toward enhancing the quality of their experience at Kingsborough. Counseling sessions are confidential and free for all currently enrolled students. In addition to individual counseling, the Counseling Center offers referrals to off-campus resources and outreach services to students, faculty, and staff. Outreach to staff and faculty are presentations or consultations on a variety of topics, including how to intervene with students behavioral and emotional problems in class and on campus.

 Phone 718 368 5684 | Fax 718 368 5024 |Health.Center@kbcc.cuny.edu

The Health Center is one of many support services offered by the Department of Student Development. It provides first aid health care, medical record review, storage and retrieval, medical consultations, health related referrals, health education, advisory, and preventative health services. A registered nurse is always in attendance when classes are in session.

Phone 718 368 5300 | Fax 718 368 5024 | Wellness.Center@kbcc.cuny.edu

The Wellness Center provides health and mental health education in an integrated and holistic way. The Wellness Center connects students with wellness resources on and off campus, offers psycho-educational workshops in classrooms, and promotes healthy living through various events on campus. Students can schedule a Wellness Appointment to discuss time management, success in college, healthy eating, self-care strategies and more. Wellness appointments are confidential and free. To make a wellness appointment or for more information about events being held by the Student Wellness Center, call or visit our office..

Phone 718 368 4700 | Fax 718 368 6573 |Frances.Robinson@kbcc.cuny.edu

The Women’s Center provides women on campus a place to gather, socialize, network, and examine the transitioning lifestyles that will allow them to develop to their fullest potential. Its services include counseling and crisis intervention, special programs, projects, seminars and workshops for women, peer support groups, resources, and consultations with academic departments, organizations, and individuals to expand awareness of gender dynamics and women’s concerns.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Wellness Services (SWS) is to promote and support students’ physical, emotional, social, and psychological health and well-being through a variety of services. We offer direct clinical services for students and assist the larger KBCC community through outreach, education, consultation, and prevention programs. SWS staff adhere to the highest ethical and professional principles and are committed to provide culturally competent and responsive services to the diverse KBCC community. SWS strives to nurture a compassionate and supportive environment, one that values the dignity and uniqueness of all KBCC students, so that they can reach their highest potential.

Meet Our Staff

Licensed mental and medical health professionals including registered nurses, psychologists, and clinical social workers provide or supervise all services. We also have a health educator, helpful and friendly support staff, and masters-level counseling trainees to support students’ health, mental health, and general wellness needs.

Kingsborough CARES About You!

We know that these past couple of years have been challenging and difficult. The uncertainty has only added to the many responsibilities and complex lives our students lead. However, you should know Kingsborough CARES about you! Through the support of CARES monies, we are doing the following: 

  • A more INTENTIONAL OUTREACH approach focusing on students in: Athletics, College Discovery, Veterans Affairs, Center for Workforce and Economic Development, Career Services, CUNY EDGE, Student Government/Clubs & Organizations, Men’s Resource Center, the Advisement Academies, ASAP, ESL, KLIP, KELI and others for the best student engagement  

  • Increased Mental Health SCREENINGS

  • Mental Health CHECK-IN HOURS

  • Extended EVENING HOURS

  • Additional PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT &TRAINING for our Student Wellness Services staff

  • Student FOCUS GROUPS & SURVEYS to hear what their needs are in these uncertain times

  • UPDATED TECHNOLOGY to ensure our telehealth systems are current and comprehensive 

We are here to fully support our students. These initiatives are part of the foundation of services we provide including one-on-one personal counseling, emergency and crisis intervention, workshops, events, and student support groups.

For more information or updates about events and support sessions, please call 718.368.5975 or email Counseling.Center@kbcc.cuny.edu.