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College Council

The College Council

The College Council is the governance body of Kingsborough Community College, comprised of elected representatives from full-time and part-time Instructional Faculty and Staff, Students, Support Staff, Administrators, and Alumni.  The Council generally meets twice each semester to address the ongoing business of the College, formulate policy, and assess a wide range of performances and practices at the College.  The participation of dedicated members of the campus community is crucial to the mission of the Council. 

For links to Meeting Agendas and Minutes, a list of committees and their memberships, the Council Constitution and other useful links, use the menu at the top left of this page.

Schedule of Upcoming Meetings Via Video Conference

College Council Members, 2022-2023


President Claudia Schrader

V.P. of Administration Eduardo Rios

V.P. of Academic Affairs Joanne Russell

Registrar Avery Mullen

Full-Time Faculty/Staff Members
Dept Chair Term Ends Dept Chair Term Ends
AHM Richard Fruscione 2023 HIS Jacob Segal 2023
ART Thomas Eaton 2024 HPER Don Hume 2024
BEH Stuart Parker 2023 LIBRARY Carlos Arguelles 2025
BIO Mary Dawson 2025 MATH Rina Yarmish 2024
BUS Jeffrey Lax 2025 NURSING Catherine Olubummo 2025
COM Scott Cally 2025 PHY John Mikalopas 2024
ENG Eileen Ferretti 2023 TAH Anthony Borgese 2024
FOR Alfonso Garcia-Osuna 2025      


Dept CC Representative Term Ends Dept CC Representative Term Ends
AHM Tyronne Johnson 2023 HIS Michael Sokolow 2023
ART Valerie Sokolova 2024 HPER Juan Franquiz 2024
BEH Prof. Avri Beard 2023 LIBRARY Jeffrey Delgado 2025
BIO Anna Rozenboym 2025 MATH Shoshana Friedman 2024
BUS Dawn Levy 2025 NURSING Erin Murphy-Smith 2025
COM Tom Rothacker 2025 PHY Jacob Mey 2024
ENG Prof. Joanna Stein 2023 TAH Daniel Kane 2024
FOR Gloria Pollack 2025      


Delegates At Large Term Ends Delegates At Large Term Ends
Prof. John Acosta 2023 Prof. Rick Repetti 2023
V.P. Gordon Alley-Young 2025 Prof. Paul Ricciardi 2025
Ms. Mickie Driscoll 2023 Ms. Gila Rohr 2024
Prof. Matthew Gartner 2023 Prof. Michael Spear 2025
Ms. Amanda Kalin 2025 Prof. Dorina Tila 2024
Prof. Ryan McKinney 2024 Prof. Dominic Wetzel 2025
Ms. Helen Nasser 2024 Mr. Paul Winnick 2023
Ms. Maria Patestas 2024    


Part-Time Faculty Term Ends
Prof. Vincent Cuccia 2024
Prof. Shannon Phillips-Oran 2023


Support Staff Term Ends

Ms. Judith Cohen



Student Members Term Ends Student Members Term Ends
Quaid Andrews 2023 Samantha Lundberg 2023
Shawn Belykh 2023 Celeste Mckenzie 2023
Akeisha (Aliza) Bowles 2023 Nicole Nieves 2023
Tessalia Serighelli Castro 2023 Kevin Roodnauth 2023
Hind Debhi 2023 Michele Schultz 2023
Fizza Khalid 2023 Nikki Tam 2023
Hanan Latiff 2023 Joyceline (Celine) Torres 2023