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CUNY Explorers

CUNY Explorers


Welcome to CUNY Explorers!

@Kingsborough Community College

All students  CAN GO to college. 

College is AFFORDABLE, and student scan take steps NOW to achieve their goals.


  • Denise Abarca
    Campus Coordinator, CUNY Explorers 

  • (718)368-6826

  • Kingsborough Community College
    2001 Oriental Boulevard | V-114
    Brooklyn, NY 11235 


Summer dates are now open!! Don’t missed out our beach campus tours.

It's never too early to think about college


About CUNY Explorers


Under the Mayor’s College Access for All Initiatives, CUNY’s Office of K-16 Initiatives has partnered with the New York City Department of Education to implement CUNY Explorers to ensure that every 6th-12th grade student is exposed to a college-going culture and has the opportunity to visit a college campus at least once. The driving message is that every student CAN go to college, every student can afford college, and students and their families can take steps NOW to become college-ready.


Middle school sets the foundation for success in high school, college, and beyond. By supporting students to develop a college identity at a critical developmental age and providing a campus experience that promotes a college-going mindset, students and families internalize the message that college is a necessary and achievable goal.


CUNY Explorers
CUNY Explorers

Maritime Technology program


Marine Technology Program

Nautical knot-tying and a tour of an engine room with Kingsborough Community College’s Maritime Technology program.

Maritime Technology program.


Surgical Technology program


Surgical Technology program

Tour of simulated operating procedure and demonstration of surgical instruments with Kingsborough Community College’s Surgical Technology program.

Surgical Technology program


Visiting Our Campus

Schedule Your Visit!


The theme of the Kingsborough Community College visit is Exposure to College and Careers. Explorers will have the opportunity to visit our KBCC campus and participate on certain activities around our campus.

For the 2023-2024 school year, all visits are in- person or remotely. Sessions are open to all NYC DOE middle school students and to Community Based Organizations (CBOs) servicing Department of Education (DOE) middle school students.

Before registering, provide the following information.

    • Middle School/High School Name and DBN/CBO Name
    • Principal Email/Director Email
    • Number of Students by grade
    • Registrant and Alternative Contact Information – Names, Phone Numbers and emails
    • Additional Information: District, Language Needs, any technological accommodations.

*The registration will not submit without this information.

Below is a step by step guide on how to register for a campus visit.

  1. Click here or go to:
  2. Read the campus visit description on the left side of the calendar to learn about the remote session.
  3. Scroll through the calendar to find an available visit date. Available dates are in color and unavailable dates are in gray.
  4. Click on an available date and then on “Register Now”.
  5. Complete the registration form and submit.
  6. Reserve only the number of visits needed for your school’s middle school enrollment.

Cancellation Policies:

1. Schools and registrants no longer have to summit proof of COVID-19 vaccination or PCR testing results. When you submit a confirmation form to register for a campus visit, either in-person or remote, you agree to adhere to the CUNY Explorers Cancellation Policy.

2. In-person Cancellation Policy:

To cancel a visit, you must contact the Campus Coordinator and receive confirmation of your cancellation. Our in-person visits require preparation from our Visit Guides and room reservations; therefore, cancellations for in-person visits must be made 2 weeks in advance. This gives us an opportunity to fill in the registration date.

3. Remote Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations for remote visits must be made 1 week in advance by contacting the Campus Coordinator.

“Cancellations for remote and in-person campus visits are monitored throughout our campuses. If you cancel more than three times, whether at the same campus or across our campuses, CUNY Explorers reserves the right to refuse your registration for the 2023-2024 school year.

*Registering for a visit is not a confirmation. The Campus Coordinator will confirm the visit in a follow-up email.

Thank you to the following schools for your visit!


CUNY Explorers