Where Can I Find My Academic Advisor?

  1. Plan Ahead!
  2. Advisors are here to answer your questions & provide academic guidance.
  3. Meet with your advisor EARLY in the semester!
  4. Make sure you take care of any holds on your CUNYfirst account
  5. Register for next semester classes when registration opens!!

Know Where To Go To See Your Academic Advisor 


Student Population


Office Location


Office Phone Number

Access-Ability Service

RM D-205

PH: 718-368-5175


RM M-211/M-233

PH: 718-368-5616

College Discovery

RM L-516

PH: 718-368- 5520


RM T4-216

PH: 718-368- 4660


RM M-101

PH: 718-368- 4911


First Year Freshmen


Assigned Academic Advisor
*check CUNYfirst to see your advisor's name


PH: 718-368- 5243


First Year Transfer


RM M-101


PH: 718-368- 4911


Integrative Students Learning Communities


RM E-106


PH: 718-368- 4903

International Student Affairs

RM V-101

PH: 718-368-6800

New Start

RM M-101

PH: 718-368- 4911


Opening Doors Learning Communities


RM E-102


PH: 718-368-4903


RM M-201

PH: 718-368-5243


Second Year
(students within their 3rd semester and beyond)


Assigned Academic Professional
*check CUNYfirst to see your advisor's name

*For Info RM D-124


PH: 718-368- 5744
PH: 718-368-6696


RM D-205

PH: 718-368- 5175




Assigned Advisor, RM C-106 or RM M-101 for evening students


PH: 718-368-6502