College Center

What is the College Center?
The building known as the Kingsborough College Center is the hub of community and co-curricular activity for the College. Space is provided for many of the activities in which students, faculty, alumni, and community involve themselves. The College Center is more than a place, it is a concept an outlook on college life.

What Are the College Center Programs?
Programs, for the enrichment and amusement of the community it serves, are presented in the Center. In the College Center you'll find such activities as movies, lectures, demonstrations, concerts, exhibitions, and much more. Drop in, take part, there's more to college life than you may think.

Where Is College Center?
It is directly adjacent to KCC's private beach, with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay. The Center houses a spacious and beautifully decorated cafeteria and dining areas, large and comfortably appointed lounges, television and recreation room, information booth, beach lockers and first aid station, radio station studios and offices, plus a spacious multi-purpose room. The Student Life and Financial Aid offices are also in the College Center.