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Service Learning

Service Learning

"A good college affirms that service to others is a central part of education."
-The Carnegie Foundation, College: The Undergraduate Experience in America



Creating a service-learning partnership for a course requires a little extra work on the part of the faculty member. Ultimately, many would agree that doing so results in enhanced teaching and student engagement. In a service-learning classroom, learning is often transformative. Frequent reflection assists in the development of higher order thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation, which can help our students to solve real-world problems.


Potential Opportunities

We seek faculty across all disciplines to orchestrate service-learning projects.

If you have an idea for a service-learning project, or general questions about incorporating service-learning into a curriculum, please contact the Service-Learning Team.

Attention Club Advisors!

Clubs can be a wonderful vehicle for administering large-scale group service-learning projects. We can connect you with an organization or cause that suits your club members' interests, as well as guide you through the student reflection process. Please contact our office if you are interested.

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Benefits of Service- Learning

For Faculty, Service- Learning:

  • Enriches and enlivens teaching by offering real life situations that relate to text and learning outcomes.
  • Offers an alternative means of learning course material, thereby increasing student mastery of core competencies.
  • Offers the opportunity for faculty to encourage students to impact social change.
  • Provides new areas for research, publication and presentations, thus increasing opportunities for professional development.
  • Gives faculty an opportunity to build working relationships with their students and the community

"Education without social action is a one-side value because it has no true power potential. Social action without education is a weak expression of pure energy"
- Martin Luther King Jr.

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