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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

You got this!

Finals week

Monday,June 12, 2023

Good Morning KCC Students,

This is it. Finals week.  But there is nothing final about what you are about to do.  The exam that you will take, paper you will turn in, and project you will complete will open the door to the next step in your life.  For many of you it is graduation, for some of you it's registration for the summer or fall, but for all of you it is getting you one step closer to your goals.

If you are taking an exam, take your time read the questions so you are clear on what is being asked.  Pace yourself so you don't run out of time.  And when you are done and have enough time left, go back and review your answers.  

If you are submitting that final project or paper, make sure you are completing the assignment as required.

Finally, take a deep breath.  Inhale confidence.  Exhale success.

You got this.  

Good luck!

President Schrader