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President’s Weekly Messages

 Goal Digger
 Goal Digger

Monday, January 24, 2022 

Dear KCC Students,

Let me tell you, some days it’s a struggle to get up and exercise.  There are days that I don’t want to leave the comfort of my bed.  When this happens, I have to drag myself onto my bike so I can honor the word I made to myself to ride for one hour every day.  And then there are other days when instead of riding for one hour, I steal one more hour of sleep.

Overall, I am doing better at exercising and eating right, but there are times when I am tempted to not just indulge, but over indulge.  I tell myself that  I am only going to eat a quarter of the pint of pistachio ice cream, but then 15 minutes later, I am staring at the bottom of an empty container.  Sometimes, I buy a pack of Oreo cookies and make a deal with myself to have two cookies (140 calories) a day.  So I eat two,  but two minutes  later I am back for two more and well… you know how this ends. The same thing happens when I eat cheese doodles and potato chips! What they say is absolutely correct, you cannot eat just one!

KCC students, we know the same thing that happens when you accomplish one goal, you can’t help but to pursue another.  Think about it, you graduated from high school or got your GED and then you set your eyes on earning a college degree.   You completed your first semester and set a goal not just to start, but to persist, so you registered for your second semester, and third and fourth. And when you get to your final semester, you will create new goals for yourself by pursuing the job that you want or continuing at a four-year college. Given what I know about Kingsborough Community College alumni, I suspect that you won’t stop there either, because you are a goal digger.

Like the thousands of gold miners who descended on California in the mid 1800’s  as part of the Gold Rush and in pursuit of the kind of wealth that would allow them to live a better life, you are pursuing a magnificent treasure, acollege degree and it will open doors to incredible opportunities.

Don’t stop now.  Keep digging.  The best is yet to come.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please do not hesitate to email me at

-President Schrader